SYS Presents Boss Lady Workshop Amsterdam

SYS Presents Boss Lady Workshop Amsterdam Take-Over. Hailing from Sydney, Australia, Director of Public Relations firm Stimulated Media and creator of music blog Stimulate Your Soul Margaret Tra is holding a workshop night for the Boss Ladies who are want to enter the music and creative industry.

On the night women will be able to connect with other like-minded women to empower and push each other ahead. The workshop will teach women how keep a business in the ever-growing creative industry. How to make your mark as a woman in the business world. Not only will you learn the necessary skills to start a new project but you will have fun doing it as well. It’s about turning your passion into something structural – a business through personal experiences and not some ‘entrepreneur’ BS talk, real women, running real businesses.

The workshop will run from 7-10pm, with special guests local Queens Pay Kolmüs of STICK Management and London now based in Amsterdam artist Szjerdene on a panel discussing their journey through the industry.

As the number of participants will be selected to ensure the quality of the program, please notify us or your attendance via email

The event if FREE with complimentary tea x coffee provided, however a generous donation of up to €5.00 would be greatly appreciated (Women ONLY)

Maggie Tra

From tastemaker behind the scenes, to pushing her way to the front, DJing marked a natural progression for Maggie Tra. Her background in music stems over several years, starting out as the founder of SYS (Stimulate Your Soul) music blog, which put roots for Maggie as she’s been active in the music industry for over seven years, and continues to support the local and international musicians through her blog, radio, publicity company Stimulated Media and now on the dance-floor.

Pay Kolmüs

Pay has been active in the music and entertainment industry for the past 20 years. She’s been a studio and performing artist, hosted her own radio show and as a DJ, she has released promotional mixtapes for artists.

As a known music journalist, she has interviewed artists, DJ’s and producers such as Ice Cube, Jazzanova, Little Dragon, Nas, Ne-Yo and the Wu-Tang Clan. As well as important industry people like Claude Zdanow (Stadiumred) and Rob Stone (The Fader). Her resume also includes actors and comedians like Kevin Hart, Charlie Murphy and Romany Malco. Her journalistic experience led to also being a host, moderator, and speaker at several international (music) festivals and conferences such as Amsterdam Dance Event and got her a seat at the Supervisory Board of The Melkweg, one of Amsterdam’s most known music venues.

Pay currently runs STICK Management, an artist management company which handles several artists’ business management.

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Occasionally, an artist emerges already fully formed, somehow leaving no doubt as to whom they are musically, and where they’re heading. No one fits that description better than Szjerdene. Her voice is both earthly in its soul and celestial in its purity: soothingly familiar, and yet unmistakably distinct. The disparate elements distilled into an arresting statement of cohesive sonic intent. After all, some people are born to sing. Growing up in East London, Szjerdene spent her formative years quietly honing her luscious take on the craft, developing a unique vocal style that owes as much to her remarkable natural talent as to her unwavering single-mindedness.

Now residing along the scenic canals of Amsterdam, Szjerdene continues to turn heads around the globe, winning hearts and capturing minds with her artfully crafted songs and mesmeric, ethereal vocals. The next chapter of Szjerdene’s story is unfolding and you can bet on it being as enchanting as her both her stage presence and voice.

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