SYS Presents Boss Lady Workshop Berlin Take-Over

SYS Presents Boss Lady Workshop Berlin Take-Over co-hosted by Wonder Coworking Berlin. Hailing from Sydney, Australia, Director of Public Relations firm Stimulated Media and creator of music blog Stimulate Your Soul Margaret Tra is holding a workshop night for the Boss Ladies who are want to enter the music and creative industry.

On the night women and non-binary people will be able to connect with other like-minded women and non-binary people to empower and push each other ahead. The workshop will teach participants how keep a business in the ever-growing creative industry. How to make your mark as a woman or non-binary person in the business world. Not only will you learn the necessary skills to start a new project but you will have fun doing it as well. It’s about turning your passion into something structural – a business through personal experiences and not some ‘entrepreneur’ BS talk, real talk.

The workshop will run from 6:30-10pm, with special guests Wanja Lange of I Still Love H.e.r blog and PR agency, Apolline Guedon who is an artist manager and label director of Art Bei Ton and Ambient Sleepers and Shaheen who runs Berlin Industry banding together on a panel discussing their journey through the industry.

As the number of participants will be selected to ensure the quality of the program, please notify us or your attendance via email

Donation: €5.00 (Women x non-binary welcome)

Maggie Tra

From tastemaker behind the scenes, to pushing her way to the front, DJing marked a natural progression for Maggie Tra. Her background in music stems over several years, starting out as the founder of SYS (Stimulate Your Soul) music blog, which put roots for Maggie as she’s been active in the music industry for over seven years, and continues to support the local and international musicians through her blog, radio, publicity company Stimulated Media and now on the dance-floor.

Shaheen Wacker

Shaheen is the blogger behind Berlinindustry a black femme politics & culture blog ( / IG: @berlinindustry) and also a photographer, event organiser and writer, for Missy Magazine among others. They co-founded Black Lives Matter Berlin in 2017. Shaheen works with methods of self-empowerment and self-determination in their daily work within and for their community, while trying to survive late capitalism. Decolonizing forms of expression and to and transforming normative aesthetics is essential in this. Shaheen photographs, organizes and writes – in the context of music, activism and theatre, from a Black queer feminist perspective.


Wanja Lange – I Still Love H.E.R. .de

Berlin based Wanja Lange of I still love H.E.R. has been involved in the Hip Hop industry since 2002. She took her first steps by interviewing artists and starting a podcast under the name “I still love H.E.R.”, which later turned into the name of her brand. In the following years she covered many areas of the business, including international mixtapes, artist management, tour booking and road management in the US as well as in Europe. In 2004 she established a blog and her PR / Promotion agency, which became her full time job. Wanja spent the following years building the brand, reputation and knowledge which has made her a household name in Hip Hop. She now runs a popular Instagram page and continues helping artists to success through PR, promotion and social media marketing. Most importantly, Wanja has remained a true fan and supporter of the art which led her to recently start DJing to do what she loves most: sharing music with the people.


Apolline Guedon Ambient Sleepers x Art Bei Ton

Appolline Guedon is an event manager, artist manager and label director of Art Bei Ton and Ambient Sleepers. The company organises events in Berlin but also around Europe such as Paris, Istanbul, Amsterdam and more.

The company’s concept is to mix Techno, Ambient and Experimental music as well as visuals, such as VJing, exhibition, installation and performances. It’s important for them to curate diverse and equal male/female line ups featuring international artists and involving the Queer community. Apo is involved in the fight for gender equality, pushing female artists to evolve safely in the electronic music and art scene and of course fighting against all king of discriminations.

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