Xylo Aria In Focus

Our next feature comes from Xylo Aria, singer, producer and entrepreneur. Xylo founded Music Production For Women which is an online platform empowering women to learn to produce music in an encouraging, collaborative and supportive environment. We decided to hit up Xylo and get to know more about her struggles and her empowering new movement.Continue reading “Xylo Aria In Focus”

Women’s Day: Pho The Girls, Hanoi

SYS Sister Sounds is excited to throw a Women’s Day event Pho The Girls at Turtle Lake Brewery. Join us as we celebrate the ladies of Vietnam, with special cocktails named after inspirational women and an all ladies DJ line-up. We’ll have a day of music, spreading self-care love and positive vibes with a stunningContinue reading “Women’s Day: Pho The Girls, Hanoi”

D.I.Y Podcast & Radio Workshop, Hanoi

SYS Sister Sounds Presents: D.I.Y Podcast & Radio Workshop SYS Sister Sounds are excited to run a workshop for women x non-binary people about how to run a podcast and a radio show. Ever wanted to learn how to D.I.Y run your own podcast or radio show? Well, in this workshop, Maggie Tra will showContinue reading “D.I.Y Podcast & Radio Workshop, Hanoi”

Just:Because In Focus

From the UK to Hanoi, Vietnam, Hayley Pons has been a pioneer in the Hanoi hip hop scene with her infamous hip hop parties ‘Jump’. Going under the moniker Just:Because, born in the UK and bred on the Maltese islands, she grew up on a staple diet of 80’s funk, electro and 90’s hip-hop. WhichContinue reading “Just:Because In Focus”

Pho The Girls DJ Workshop Hanoi, Vietnam

SYS Sister Sounds Presents Pho The Girls Intro To DJ Workshop for Vietnamese women, non-binary people and WOC. It’s time to see more women/non-binary people behind the decks in Hanoi, this introduction to DJing workshop will show you how to use CDJs and basic beginner’s training on how to DJ. This will be the firstContinue reading “Pho The Girls DJ Workshop Hanoi, Vietnam”

Ma Sha In Focus

From Moscow to NYC, we’re excited to have Moscow-born/Brooklyn-based DJ and producer Ma Sha for our next feature. Ma Sha has been in the scene for a hot minute, when she’s not spreading eclectic music through her craft she’s also doing some kick ass shit for the industry. She’s the co-founder of ‘Kindergarten‘, a clubContinue reading “Ma Sha In Focus”


Our next feature hails from Brussels, Belgium. This DJ tastemaker, and Co-Founder of booking agency Bloom Hill first shot into the spotlight when she played at AfroPunk in Paris and has now rocked the stages across Belgium and more notably Dour Festival with Kiosk Radio. We sit down with the Queen to get to knowContinue reading “PLLOW IN FOCUS”

How Sisters Turn Pain Into Empowerment

There is something about airing out your happy moments, it’s something we do too often. But what about our down times? It’s been something I was battling with for a while, whether I should share my darkest/painful moments of my life to the public. Would it be a bad thing to do? Would people judgeContinue reading “How Sisters Turn Pain Into Empowerment”

The Misconception Of Being ‘Busy’

We’re all guilty of doing it, when someone asks us what have we’ve been up to, or how are you, the first response is to say “Oh I’ve been so busy”. This sentence has rocked us to the core that it’s become so normal to be ‘busy’ that we haven’t done enough in our livesContinue reading “The Misconception Of Being ‘Busy’”

Understanding The Pressures We Put On Ourselves

It’s a tough one, we as women are always putting pressure on ourselves, whether its at work, at home, or in our social lives. It’s something that is deep in us, because when we are in the workplace we always have to prove ourselves so much more than men do. However, it’s important for self-care toContinue reading “Understanding The Pressures We Put On Ourselves”