Women’s Day: Pho The Girls, Hanoi

SYS Sister Sounds is excited to throw a Women’s Day event Pho The Girls at Turtle Lake Brewery. Join us as we celebrate the ladies of Vietnam, with special cocktails named after inspirational women and an all ladies DJ line-up. We’ll have a day of music, spreading self-care love and positive vibes with a stunningContinue reading “Women’s Day: Pho The Girls, Hanoi”

D.I.Y Podcast & Radio Workshop, Hanoi

SYS Sister Sounds Presents: D.I.Y Podcast & Radio Workshop SYS Sister Sounds are excited to run a workshop for women x non-binary people about how to run a podcast and a radio show. Ever wanted to learn how to D.I.Y run your own podcast or radio show? Well, in this workshop, Maggie Tra will showContinue reading “D.I.Y Podcast & Radio Workshop, Hanoi”

Pho The Girls DJ Workshop Hanoi, Vietnam

SYS Sister Sounds Presents Pho The Girls Intro To DJ Workshop for Vietnamese women, non-binary people and WOC. It’s time to see more women/non-binary people behind the decks in Hanoi, this introduction to DJing workshop will show you how to use CDJs and basic beginner’s training on how to DJ. This will be the firstContinue reading “Pho The Girls DJ Workshop Hanoi, Vietnam”

How Sisters Turn Pain Into Empowerment

There is something about airing out your happy moments, it’s something we do too often. But what about our down times? It’s been something I was battling with for a while, whether I should share my darkest/painful moments of my life to the public. Would it be a bad thing to do? Would people judgeContinue reading “How Sisters Turn Pain Into Empowerment”

The Misconception Of Being ‘Busy’

We’re all guilty of doing it, when someone asks us what have we’ve been up to, or how are you, the first response is to say “Oh I’ve been so busy”. This sentence has rocked us to the core that it’s become so normal to be ‘busy’ that we haven’t done enough in our livesContinue reading “The Misconception Of Being ‘Busy’”

Understanding The Pressures We Put On Ourselves

It’s a tough one, we as women are always putting pressure on ourselves, whether its at work, at home, or in our social lives. It’s something that is deep in us, because when we are in the workplace we always have to prove ourselves so much more than men do. However, it’s important for self-care toContinue reading “Understanding The Pressures We Put On Ourselves”

It’s Ok To Not Be ‘Strong’

Words by Margaret Tra. There is something about us women particularly ones that run their own businesses that feel like they have to be strong. Strong mentally to deal with the male-dominated industry and also strong within our feelings.  We Deal With It Differently When people use the term strong with me it really oftenContinue reading “It’s Ok To Not Be ‘Strong’”

Rapper Thraxxy Releases Tongue-In-Cheek Tune ‘Smoke, Liquor’

She’s the quirky firecracker from Sydney who has been creeping up the sidelines of the scene for a hot minute, now Australian Fijian Thraxxy returns with a new single dripping with confidence, sauce and a candy-flip of grim cheeky lyrics on ‘Smoke, Liquor’ produced Hazy. Armed with two bottles of vodka and bad orange juice,Continue reading “Rapper Thraxxy Releases Tongue-In-Cheek Tune ‘Smoke, Liquor’”

JoBee Project Unleashes Fire With Her New Single ‘Burning Sense’ Off Her Upcoming Album ‘The Beginning’

Fierce, fiery and full of flavour, Polish Brussels-based artist JoBee Project teams up with Belgian electronic producer Solemn Eye to turn up the heat with an alternative-electro single ‘Burning Sense’.  ‘Burning Sense’ is an ode to previous heart breaks and burn-out love stories. The single is about getting burnt in life and learning lessons alongContinue reading “JoBee Project Unleashes Fire With Her New Single ‘Burning Sense’ Off Her Upcoming Album ‘The Beginning’”

SYS Presents Boss Lady Workshop Amsterdam

SYS Presents Boss Lady Workshop Amsterdam Take-Over. Hailing from Sydney, Australia, Director of Public Relations firm Stimulated Media and creator of music blog Stimulate Your Soul Margaret Tra is holding a workshop night for the Boss Ladies who are want to enter the music and creative industry. On the night women will be able toContinue reading “SYS Presents Boss Lady Workshop Amsterdam”